surfing banyaksLooking for a Sumatran surf adventure at well under half the price of a regular surf charter? Our humble boat will take you and your friends straight to all the best breaks in the uncrowded Banyak islands, a little slice of paradise off the western coast of Sumatra. Local skipper Deny has unparalleled knowledge of the islands and surrounding waters and takes great pleasure in showing off its world-class waves, unspoilt coral reefs and deserted island beaches. The region is still undeveloped and tourists are few and far between, so if you have a sense of adventure and a disregard for creature comforts, we’d love to welcome you aboard. Indonesia has been a surfer’s mecca for decades, and the crowds prove it. Paddling for a barrel at world-class breaks like G-land or the Mentawai Islands can be a hustle at the best of times.

surfing-banyak-islands-15-400But Indonesia is vast, and if you have a bit of time and a sense of adventure, you can still have perfect peelers almost all to yourself. The Banyak Islands is an archipelago of 99 islands off the western coast of Sumatra. Only 7 of these islands are inhabited and some are tiny enough to hold just a couple of swaying palm trees. This really is that quintessential picture-postcard island paradise, unspoilt by throngs of tourists or commercial development. To the south you’ll find Nias, with its famous Sorake beach break, and further south still the Mentawais. To the north lies the lesser-known island of Simeulue, in itself a magnet for surfers looking to beat the crowds. When the waves are cranking you’ll be surfing your pick of six world-class breaks, not tomention finding more breaks off the map when the size is right. No-surf days are a reality wherever in the world you may be; on these days you can keep yourself busy in a few ways. Snorkelling in the Bankyas will blow your mind, with clear water and an unparalleled diversity of fish, turtles and other marine life.

surfing-banyak-islands-400If fishing is your thing, chat to the skipper and set off either trying your hand at local-style fishing or, alternatively, step it up a level and go after the big guys with your own equipment. Barbeque your catch on the boat with a few beers, or better yet, anchor yourself just off an uninhabited island and enjoy cooking up your meal on the beach, Robinson Crusoe-style. Beyond that, there are no bars or restaurants. Exploring, kicking a ball on the beach, reading and playing chess are some options, along with simply doing nothing and letting the islands themselves inspire your thoughts.