After the success of our first two seasons we’re superstoked to have upgraded to a new boat. While we loved the humble nature of our first boat, there’s more we wanted to add to the experience. We haven’t deviated from our original idea. We’re still not a resort, nor a luxury package. We’re taking surfers on a local-style adventure. We keep our footprint light, adding a maximum of eight surfers to the line up. We’ve also added to the local team that look after you and shape your experience.


As mentioned, we’re not changing our philosophy. We can now take between 5-8 people to set sail. A few more comforts – aircon, new fridges and freezers, tons more space (we’ve gone from 13m x 3.2m to 20m x 4m). Tons more chilling space between surfs on front and back decks – grinding 2-3 sessions a day while racking up a wave count that rivals just about any place you’ve surfed is hard work. Big kitchen to escape the heat and enjoy your meals together.

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