The Banyak Surf Adventure was born during a short conversation between a local man and a travelling surfer, just after scoring some epic waves. The local captain shared his dream of converting a local fishing boat into a humble surf charter and here we are. We’d love to welcome you aboard. This is not a 30-foot luxury yacht – she’s a big local-style fishing boat that’s been built with surfers in mind. There’s a space to store your boards and all your gear, two big decks to kick back on, do yoga or enjoy while watching your mates get barrelled. There’s also an air conditioned place to lay your head after a hard day’s surfing. Most importantly, it will take you straight to the waves, and be there when you’re done; no long paddles required!
banyak-surf-adventure-400When the swell is low – or in between surfs – you can hop off the boat and explore one of the countless deserted islands nearby. The area also boasts great fishing and first-class snorkeling on unspoilt coral reefs. Your captain, Deny, is a local boatman who has unparalleled knowledge of the islands.

HAVE’S  Clean bed, freshwater shower, speedboat, occasional phone signal, clean tiled local-style toilet, coffee, snacks, drinking water, pancakes, square meals – fish, chicken, noodles and other local dishes – first aid kit, full safety equipment, power for all your gadgets, captain and two staff members, music and many good vibes.

banyaks treasure islandNO HAVE’S  Bad vibes, red meat, wifi, spare towels, menu, guaranteed waves and reliable internet/phone signal.

What’s most important to us is that anyone going to the Banyaks has an awesome trip, whether on our boat or not. Facilities are basic, though we aim to offer everything you need for an amazing overall experience. If you really love being a part of the adventure we create, then this is the boat for you.