Sick right-hander, one of the more consistent waves in the area, breaks perfectly big and small. Barrels quickly on the take off and links nicely to a challenging hollow second section barrel.

Fast hollow left, works well on mid to big size swell, provides several sections running to the inside of the reef, can get a bit hairy when small. You’ll never surf this wave crowded as you need a pair.

Sick easy to ride lefter, long wave with lots of time to turn the wave inside out and put some combos together. Real fun ripable walls.

The notorious Lizards Nest can be sensitive to conditions but when caught right it produces a special, unbelievable barrel going into double figures.

Considered one of Indo’s best point break reefs. Smooth right take off leading into long ripable walls with four quality barreling sections. Situated perfectly just off a nature conservation island.

You’ll find Cobras at the Southern tip of the island. Quality left hander that picks up great swell when other places aren’t firing and creates long hollow lefts, look out for another peak across the channel. Quality wave.

Easier ripable walling lefts offering up occasional pits along the way. Home to the many protected turtles around the island. Often good when the swell is too small or shallow elsewhere.